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What is Daisy.si and how it works?


What is Daisy.si

The Daisy.si watering device is a handy automatic watering utility for indoor and outdoor plants. It can be used as automatic flower/plant watering.


It measures soil humidity, temperature, brightness and irrigates through an advanced algorithm, capable of defining the optimal water amount the plant requires.

How does the Daisy.si watering device look and what are its functions?


The watering kit contains the Daisy.si watering device, a tube – 3m in length and 4 tube joints visible on the picture.

If you buy Daisy.si you also get this components or buy it separatle


Tube joint straight through

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Tube joint straight through

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Tube joint straight through

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How to set up and use your Daisy.si watering device in your home or garden?



Setting up the tubes:

Cut and combine the tube and joints to the watering device. For the water flow exit from the device cut a small segment of the 3 meter tube, supplied with the kit.


Inserting into the soil:

After loosening the soil, insert the sensors. Gently compress the soil around the sensors, making sure that the device is stable.


Insert tube into the water

Insert one end the tube into the water reservoir of your choice. Initially the tube must be manually filled with water. The other, exit end of the tube must be lower or on the same altitude as the bottom of the reservoir.

How can we water with Daisy.si?


How can we water with the Daisy.si device?

1. The plant can be watered at the base with the capillarity doing its job.
2. The plant can be watered from above.
3. Each plant can be watered by its own Daisy.si.
4. Plants sharing a common base can be watered at the same time.
5. Several Daisy.si devices can share the same tube and water supply.
6. If the plants and pots are of the same type, the tube can branch out after Daisy.si

How does the watering work?

On the basis of constant humidity measuring the device decided whenever it is the time to water the plant or not. Once the soil reaches below optimal humidity the device begins with the watering process. The watering cycle can be seen on the graph below.  It is beneficial for the plant to let the soil go through different stages of humidity – from wet to adequate and to slightly dry, to prevent root rot and stop the spread of moss.

Other great specifications

Configurable over the web
Basic parameters, like level of humidity, watering schedule etc. can be set through our web page which is easily accessible over your smart phone, personal computer or tablet.

Battery life
The finely tuned energy conservation ensures up to two years of active usage, giving you a lot of time before having to worry about battery replacement. The low battery warning appears a whole two months before reaching its empty state. After those two months, the watering turns off and the remaining bits of power are used to further warn you of the batteries critical levels.

Awarded innovation by smarthelpers.de