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About Daisy.si

Daisy.si is automatic indoor plant watering system used for watering plants inside, on window sills, on balconies, in the garden or in any other place since it is resistant to sun and moisture and completely independent of electrical and water networks. It uses a battery which, thanks to Daisy.si’s low power consumption, lasts two years. Water can be supplied from a tank of any size.

automatic plant watering system
Perfect solution for indoor watering

The device is user friendly: when we put the moisture sensor into the soil, the device automatically turns on. Via the built-in multi-colored LED (RGB LED) the device indicates soil moisture levels. If there are any errors, such as empty battery or water tank, the device lets us know with a sound and a light signal.

It waters using a special algorithm which gradually adds water and thereby determines the correct amount of water regardless of the size and volume of the tank in which it is contained. If the plants are watered properly, this has a beneficial effect on growth – the soil dries slightly and is then moistened appropriately which prevents the accumulation of moss, rotting roots and damage to crops due to lack of water.

More demanding users can set the limits of moisture, the amount of water, the time of its absorption and other parameters via a simple web application using a smartphone, a tablet or a computer (regardless of the operating system) . The data is transmitted when we put the Daisy.si’s flower-shaped light sensor close to the screen.
Why is the device so special?

A device like this can not be found on the market yet. It has technologically advanced solution: a valve that was developed specifically for this device, advanced circuitry, an innovative way of determining the correct amount of water, reliability and it is easy to use.

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